How to Make an Urn Arrangement with White Flowers


Step by Step Guide

  1. Condition and prepare all of your ingredients to start the arrangement. Condition the flowers 2-3 days prior to the event to ensure they are fully hydrated. 

  2. Start by preparing the urn container with the mesh base. Fold the mesh into a ball shape and fit into the urn container. Be careful as the wire can be sharp (it is a good idea to wear gloves). 

  3. Fill the container with water 

  4. Begin the arrangement by adding the Hydrangea first. Optional: Remove the foliagee 

  5. Next, add the roses to the arrangement. Cut the stems at an angle, slit up the stems and remove the guard petals. 

  6. Finally, add the gypsophila to the arrangement. Filling in the gaps to complete the design. 
  7. Display at a wedding, event or for a special occasion. Make sure you keep the water topped up and mist the Hydrangea.