How to Make a Long and Low Cascading Wedding Arrangement for a Top Table


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Use the Pheonix Robellini palms to base the arrangement, create a trail over the front of the arrangement starting in the middle and either side. 

  2. To add length and create the shape of the arrangement, add the palms to each end of the arrangement. Should you have any leftovers, you can add in as infills. 
  3. Next add the Soft Ruscus to the arrangement. 
  4. Once you have finished creating the greenery base, you can begin to add the flowers. Starting with the Rose Avalanche (12 stems), remove the guard petals and begin to add to the arrangement. 
  5. Continue to fill and bring the colour through the arrangement with the Rose Faith (3 stems - similar available on the website Rose Love Lace or Bridal Dusky Pink) and Rose Sweet Avalanche (3 stems) 
  6. Next, add the Bouvardia (5 stems) to the arrangement positioning between the roses and creating a recession. 
  7. Finally, add the Spray Roses (3 stems) to the arrangement. 

  8. Fill in the gaps with any foliage that you have leftover from the rose stems, soft ruscus or bouvardia stems.