How to Create a Nest Flower Arrangement with Spring Flowers



  1. Start by adding a vase to the centre of the wreath on the table and fill it with water (and flower food) 

  2. Add the eucalyptus to the vase to create a foliage base 

  3. Add the seasonal flowers to the arrangement in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

  4. If prefered, you can create a bouquet first in your hands and then add to the vase. Alternatively you can use arrange mediums such as chicken wire or tape in a grid format. 

  5. Display in the centre of the table, on a coffee table or kitchen worktop. Make sure to recut the stems every 2-3 days and refresh the water to ensure the arrangement lasts as long as possible. Store in a cool, low lit environment and away from draughts or the fruit bowl. Avoid placing in direct sunlight. 

  6. Place the eggs onto the nest to bring the colour down onto the wreath. You can add some sprigs of eucalyptus too.