Flower Recipe using Yellow & Orange Theme



Note: Calla Lilies have low and high seasons and can vary in depth of colour. Subsitutes can be considered if unavailable. 

Shopping List

Calla Lily Captain Trinity 

Lily Yellow 

Freesia Yellow 

Carnation Tango

Vanda Orchid Orange 

Rose Spray Orange

Chrysanthemum Spray Single

Soft Ruscus

Eucalyptus Populus

Yellow and Orange Bright Wedding

  1. Bride

    2 x Stems Vanda Orchid 

    2 x Open Stems LA Lily

    11 x Freesia

    3 x Carnations

    7 x Calla Lilies

    1 x Soft Ruscus 

    Wet Foam Bouquet Holder

  2. Bridesmaid

    7 x Freesia

    3 x Carnations

    5 x Calla Lilies

    3 x Stems Spray Roses

    3 x Roses

    Soft Ruscus 

  3. Table Posy

    5 x Freesia 

    3 x Carnations

    3 x Calla Lilies

    1 x Stems Spray Chrysanthemums

    LA Lily Buds

    3 x Roses

    Soft Ruscus 

    Eucalyptus Populus 

    Hard Ruscus 

    Plastic Dish

    Wet Foam