World Ovarian Cancer Day - 8th May!


Our voices are louder together! 

For #WOCD, we have created a flower arrangement in tribute to the World Ovarian Cancer Day symbol to help spread awareness and fight against an important cause. 

Did you know? A woman dies from ovarian cancer every two hours in the UK - the UK is one of the worst ovarian cancer survival rates in Europe. 

82% of women in the UK are unable to name the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer. Find more information today and spread the word. 

Alongside this, we distributed 28,000 (out of 33,000) white roses for Ovarian Cancer Action to be handed out in the main cities of the UK on 8th May to help raise awareness. All of the roses have a symptom card attached to share the signs. 

Each rose represents a British woman living with the disease and serves as a symbol of hope for a world without ovarian cancer.