How to Make a Floral Wreath for Storm Lantern


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start by soaking the floral foam with water 

  2. Add the foliage (of choice) to the floral foam (at an angle), cutting the stems shorter and keeping it low to the table to ensure there are no gaps and the plastic base is not on show. 
  3. TOP TIP: Make sure you measure the size of the storm lantern or container of choice to get an idea of the space you need to fill in with the foliage. 

  4. Continue to fill in the base at an angle with your foliage of choice until you are happy with the coverage. 
  5. Add your second choice of foliage to the arrangement. In the video, we have Olive Branches. 

  6. Start by adding the roses to the arrangement, creating a balanced look with just 5 roses. Cut the roses short and add the arrangement. Use the rose leaves to add more textures to the arrangement. 

  7. Balance the arrangement with another type of rose. In the video, we are using Rose Avalanche. Cut the stems short, slit the stem up and remove the outer guard petals. Continue to add the rose leaves to the arrangement for texture. 
  8. Add the Calla Lily into the arrangement, cutting the stem short and adding one either side of the arrangement (opposites). 

  9. Add any additional flowers that you would like to add the arrangement. Here, we are using Rose Love Lace and Hellebores Winterbells to finish off the look and add more texture and style to the arrangement. 

  10. Make sure there are no gaps visible. If you do have any gaps, you can fill this in with any foliage you have spare, i.e. rose leaves or eucalyptus. 

  11. If you are using a storm lantern in the centre of the floral foam ring, place some moss below the candle to ensure that it does not move.