How to Make a Garland Table Runner


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare your ingredients before you start constructing the garlands (1) Condition the foliage overnight before you start working with them (2) Gather your tools, i.e. Florist Scissors, Twine required. 

  2. Using the Soft Ruscus as a base, start by cutting the end of the stalk that has no foliage on - leaving you with a blunt end. 

  3. To begin, overlap the soft ruscus and twist the stems of soft ruscus together. You can use the green twine to secure the stems together at both ends - make sure you leave the ends of the twine long so you can tie in other greenery later.. 
  4. If you are looking to create a thicker 'double' garland, repeat the process and intertwine it with the first, securing with green twine! 
  5. To add the Eucalyptus to the base of Soft Ruscus, cut the Eucalyptus into smaller branches and bind the greenery into the base with the green twine that you have originally created. 

  6. For single thickness, 1 bunch of soft ruscus would be sufficient for 6ft. For double thickness, 2 bunches of soft ruscus would be sufficient for 6ft garland and so on.