Quick Guide to Help Plan for your Wedding Flowers


Are you struggling to work out how many stems you require per arrangement? Here is a quick guide to help you start your planning for each arrangement including bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, table arrangements and larger venue flowers. Planning the wedding flowers can be overwhelming and daunting, we are here to help you every step of the way with our useful resources. 

Tools & Resources

Mood & Colour Boards: Overwhelmed by too much choice? Take a look at our colour palette mood boards to help you find the flowers to suit your wedding theme or colour scheme. Discover here

Stem Calculator: Use and create your own spreadsheet to help plan the wedding flowers. It is a great visual guide for planning, purchasing and preparing the wedding flowers for the big day. Start using it now, click here

Consultation Service: Speak directly to one of our florists about your wedding flowers. Our florists can guide you to plan for your wedding, answer questions, advise on quantities, construction, mechanics, storage facilities, conditioning and when to order your flowers for the big day. Find link here to purchase a consultation now. 

How to Tutorials: Discover our library of videos and tutorials to guide you and help you create wedding arrangements fo the big day including bouquets, table arrangements, flower crowns and garlands.

Disclaimer: Mother Nature does not produce absolutes. Head sizes and the grade of the flowers will influence the quantities required for the design. This is intended for guidance purposes only.


Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets and stem counts can vary. There are many factors to consider inclduing: the type of bouquet, the type of flowers, the style of wedding, the bride's size and type of dress. 

On average, a bride's bouquet contains 25 to 30 stems 

On average, an adult Bridesmaids Bouquet contains: 12 to 15 stems

On average, an adult Bridesmaids (Gypsophila only) Bouquet: 5 to 7 stems

BOUQUET Small Medium Large
Mixed Bouquet* 7 to 9 stems  18 to 20 stems  25 to 30 stems
Peony Bouquet 5 to 7 stems  9 to 12 stems  12 to 15 stems 
Garden Rose Bouquet 5 to 7 stems  9 to 12 stems  12 to 15 stems 
Hydrangea Bouquet  2 to 3 stems  4 to 5 stems  6 to 8 stems 
Rose Bouquet  7 to 12 stems  15 to 20 stems  20 to 25 stems 
Gypsophila  3 to 5 stems  5 to 7 stems  12 to 15 stems 


* Mixed Bouquet includes focal, secondary, filler flowers and greenery


Buttonholes & Corsages

Standard Buttonhole: 1-3 stems (to include 1 focal flower i.e. rose and 2 filler flowers and/or greenery)

Standard Corsage: 2-6 stems (to include 2 focal flower i.e. rose spray and 2 filler flowers and/or greenery)


Wedding Table Centres

Table centres come in all shapes and sizes and it can vary hugely based on the type of theme, style, flowers and containers that you are using in the arrangements.

Here is a rough guide based on the most popular flower arrangements:

DESIGN Small Medium Large
Mason Jars  5 to 7 stems 10 to 15 stems Not recommended
Jam Jars or Milk Bottles 1 to 3 stems  5 to 7 stems Not recommended
Mixed Arrangement* 7 to 9 stems  18 to 20 stems  25 to 30 stems 
Garland** 6ft: 1 bunch per foliage 12ft: 2 bunches per foliage 18ft: 3 bunches per foliage
Flower Wreath for Storm Lantern 8-10": 9 to 15 stems + greenery 12-14": 20 to 30 stems + greenery 16-18": 30 to 40 stems + greenery
Crate Arrangement***: 9 to 15 stems + greenery 15 to 25 stems + greenery  25 to 35 stems + greenery


* Mixed Bouquet includes focal, secondary, filler flowers and greenery. Don't forget that if you are choosing this option, it is a good idea to use the bridesmaids bouquets as decoration in the reception.

** It will very much depend on the type of garland that you are looking to create. Soft ruscus is a very popular, long lasting greenery to use for garlands. It is often used as a base and made in advance. You can then add other types of greenery such as eucalyptus, pittosporum, asparagus fern to add extra texture and interest to the design. Alternatively you can purchase the garlands pre made on the website.

***The quantity will vary depending on the types of flower varieties you are looking to use in the arrangement. For example the coverage of a hydrangea will vary in comparison to the coverage of a rose. Per arrangement, 1 bunch of foliage would be sufficient. You can use the leaves of roses or other types of flower varieties to fill in the gaps. For a kit version along with how to guide, explore here


Wedding Ceremy/Venue Flowers

Similar to the other arrangements, the quantity will very much depend on the type and size of flowers you are looking to include. 

ARRANGEMENTS Quantity (approx)
Pedestal (with Hydrangea)* 25 to 35 stems (3-5 stems of Hydrangea) + greenery
Pedestal (without Hydrangea)* 30 to 45 stems (including 7-9 focal flowers) + greenery 
Top Table (with Hydrangea)** 20 to 30 stems (3-5 stems of Hydrangea) + greenery
Top table (without Hydrangea)** 25 to 35 stems (including 7-9 focal flowers) + greenery 


For more information on quantities, you can book a consultation and discuss your wedding flowers with one of our florists. Find link here to purchase a consultation now.