Tips for planning your wedding flowers


DIY flowers can be no simple undertaking. Our team have compiled a list of top tips to get you started to keep you on your toes and ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. 

Top tips

  1. Are you being realistic? From scouring the internet, you have most likely exhausted your options and decided by now on your preferences for your wedding day, but remember to be realistic. Choose the flowers that are in season, the designs that are achievable and are in your price range. 

  2. Colours. A big deal? Whilst we as a wholesaler will try our utmost to advise and best represent the actual colour of each bloom, flowers are a factor of nature! If you ever have any queries on colour, always contact Triangle Nursery directly on visit our Facebook for daily photographs. 
  3. Buy extra flowers. Trust me, this is wise! You may have every stem of every bunch accounted for in your mind, but you still need to have extras for the unexpected. As mentioned previously mother nature doesn't always create perfection and therefore, just having those 3 or 4 stems spare could save you those last minute panics or stress! 

  4. Be prepared. Buy the correct tools and containers in advance of the day. Starting from the basics, you'll most likely need scissors, tapes, wires, buckets, pins and ribbons, all of which can be found in the Accessories section on the website. 

  5. Trial Run. Practice ahead of time to ensure that you are comfortable taking on this role for your wedding day. Not only does it help you decide on your final designs, but it can help to understand how to look after the flowers (conditioning), the stressors (if any), timekeeping etc. 

  6. Similar to the first point, scale. Have you considered the scale of your arrangements? A good test is to place the vase with a few stems inside on your kitchen tables and take a seat with a friend opposite, can you see them or is your vision blocked?