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While we still love flowers, it is true to say that many couples are favouring foliage over flowers; drapping garlands over arches, on tressle tables and beams. There is a whole range of different types of foliage available to complete the final look, varying in shades, shapes and sizes! A popular choice is Soft Ruscus (small leaf) for the base of the garland as it is very versatile. 

Nervous about how much foliage you need to use to create your garland? Visit our 'Help & Advice' section for our latest How To Guide with the team on How to Create a Garland. Along with further information on inspiration on our Pinterest board

Please note, we have only showcased a handful of varieties below, so please browse the website. Some of the listed varieties may be unavailable due to varying factors, seasonality and availability (find out more in the Flower Guides). 

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