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At Triangle Nursery, we are proud to supply high-quality wholesale cut flowers and accessories for marketing, PR, planners, exhibition companies, and advertising agencies. (Tagged Roses & Flowers are a speciality). As well as, direct to hotels, restaurants, and businesses on a regular basis across the UK. No matter how big or small the project, our flower experts are here to guide you on flower varieties, quantities, arrangements, seasonality, ordering, and delivery information.

At Triangle Nursery, we are proud to supply the highest quality wholesale flowers at the best value for money for corporate events, PR/marketing companies, and restaurants across mainland UK. 

No matter how big or small the project, we are here to guide you on flower varieties, quantities, arrangements, seasonality, order and delivery information. All of our advice is free and is an important part of our service. We supply fresh cut wholesale flowers sourced from the Dutch auctions and across the world directly to your door nationwide, as well as an extensive range of floral sundries to accompany your arrangements or event.

Flowers for your customers 

Enhance your corporate image, build loyalty with your customers and business partners by sending them flowers! 

Your staff is your most important asset! 

Valued members of staff still need to feel appreciated, so why not show your employees how valuable they are to you. A great way to do just that is to send them their favourite flowers to show you care and appreciate their efforts. 

Flowers for your office reception

Add striking colour, shape, and style to your office reception with flowers. Most popular flowers used tend to be tropical flowers as they are suited for the environment, low maintenance and long lasting. 

Flowers for your pub, restaurant or hotel

Add colour to your table vase displays for low cost and low maintenance. Ideal flowers include roses, germinis, and chrysanthemums. 

Flowers for a PR stunt or promotion 

Ever considered handing out fresh flowers with branded tags to promote your event, to raise awareness for your brand, product or charity? Most people will take a pretty flower home and place in a vase, whereas there is a chance your leaflet might not. Tagged Roses & Tagged Flower promotions are a specialty of ours !


What are the benefits of using Triangle Nursery Ltd?

  • Help & Advice every step of the way.
  • No minimum order value required – order exactly what you need.
  • Direct delivery to your door
  • All items purchased specifically, ensuring the freshest possible stems.
  • View 1000’s of cut flowers and foliage online at live wholesale market prices.
  • Can be used for Floral Sundry only orders.
  • Buy wholesale cut flowers, foliage and florist supplies all from one web site – a real ‘One Stop Shop’.All published prices are ex VAT and delivery charges, (if applicable).

All prices are valid only on the day of publication and corresponding delivery date.