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Fresh cut veronica is a genus of the Plantaginaceae family and is generally thought of as a summer flower - in fact veronica is more or less available all year round these days as it is commercially grown under glass. Veronica has elegant spires of flowers and can vary from 60cm to 80cm tall depending on the variety and grade required.

Viburnum Tinus

Viburnum Tinus is native to the Mediterranean region and has leaves very similar in look to laurel.

Viburnum Opulus (Guelder Rose)

Viburnum Opulus, (also commonly known as Guelder Rose, Water Elder, Cramp Bark and Snowball Tree), is a stunning flower native to Europe and Asia. Viburnum Opulus has beautiful snowball shaped green flower flower heads at the end of branched stems.

Vanda Orchids

Vanda Orchids, (real name 'Vandaceous Orchids), have some of the most sensational flowers to found in the orchid family and as such are regarded horticulturally as one of the top five important orchids. Vanda orchids owe much to hybridists producing orchids for the wholesale flower markets.