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The Peony, (or Paeony), is the name of the flower in the genus 'Paeonia'. Peonies are native to Asia, North America and Southern Europe. The peony is named after Paeon, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Another little known peony fact is that in 1957 the Indiana General Assembly made the peony the state flower of Indiana, a title it still holds to this day.


Phlox, (pronounced 'Flocks'), is regarded by many as a summer flower, but in reality, is available commercially for most of the year. Some varieties of phlox are available from the start of February to the end of December. Others like Phlox Snowwhite Fantasy is only available in May & June! Phlox is a genus of the Polemoniaceae family. Phlox is available in many varieties on the wholesale flower markets in lilac, white, pink, purple, red and some beautiful two tone varieties and is becoming increasingly popular for use in wedding flowers.

Poppy (Papaver)

Papaver, (commonly known as the Poppy), a genus of the Papaveraceae family and are native to Africa, Eurasia and America.


The Protea, (often commonly called the Sugar Bush), is a genus of the Proteaceae family and are native to South Africa.

Physalis (Chinese Lanterns)

Physalis, (commonly known as Chinese Lanterns), is a genus of the nightshade family Solanaceae and is native to the subtropics.

Phornium Tenex (New Zealand Flax)

Phornium Tenex, (otherwise known as New Zealand Phlax), has very strong sword shaped leaves and grows in a variety of colours.


Pittosporum, (otherwise known in the floristry trade simply as 'pitto'), is a genus of the Pittosporaceae family and is native to New Zealand.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids are also commonly known as Moth Orchids because some say the flowers look like moths in flight. The word 'phalaena' is given to a group of large moths.

Phoenix Roebelenii Palms

Phoenix Roebelenii Palms, (often called Pygmy Date Palms or Miniature Date Palms), are a species of palm native to southeast Asia. The word 'roebelenii' is often miss spelt 'roebelinii'.

Panicum Fountain Grass

Panicum Fountain Grass, (otherwise known as Switch Grass & Panic Fountain), is an ornimental grass that is now grown for the wholesale flower markets.

Papyrus (Cyperus)

Papyrus, (real name Cyperus Papyrus and otherwise known as Papyrus Sedge and Paper Reed), is a member of the Sedge family and is native to Africa.


Philodendron is a genus of the Araceae family and includes over 900 regognised species. The philodendron is the second largest memebr of the Arum family. The word 'philodendron' is derived from the Greek word 'philo' - meaning 'love' and the word 'dendron' - meaning 'tree'.

Pennisetum Grass

Pennisetum is a genus of the Poaceae family and is native tropical areas of the world. Pennisetum is generally regared as an ornimental grass and is commercially produced for that purpose.