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Tulips Parrot

Parrot Tulips are a fancy strain of tulips and are usually available later in the tulip season. There are some stunning varieties of Parrot Tulips.

Condition Parrot Tulips in the same manner as regular tulips.

You will notice that, on the face of it, some tulip varieties look like duplicate entries - Eg. the same variety, the same stem length, from the same flower auction but listed at different prices. This is because tulips are also graded by weight. It follows that the higher the price for the same variety, the heavier the weight & therefore a better grade.

Please also browse our selection of Standard Tulips here & our Extra Grade French Tulips here.

Learn more about fresh cut Tulips here.

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From Aalsmeer auction TULIPS APRICOT PARROT
Price: £0.96 per stem
(Sold in batches of 50 stems)
Length: 39cm approx
From Aalsmeer auction TULIPS PIONIER (PARROT)
Price: £0.99 per stem
(Sold in batches of 50 stems)
Length: 36cm approx

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