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Wholesale Hydrangeas are one of the most spectacular flowers available on the wholesale flower markets. Originating from Southeast Asia, wholesale hydrangeas are available in a huge range of stunning colours. The magnificent flower blooms can be anything up to 25cm in diameter and stem lengths vary from 30cm up to a massive 80cm tall.


Tropical Helconias are a genus of the Heliconiaceae family and are native to the Tropical Americas and Pacific Islands where they are an important food source for humming birds.


Hyacinths are a genus of the Hyacinthaceae family and were originally native to the eastern Mediterranean, west Iran and Turkey. Now mostly grown under glass in Holland, the hyacinth has a dense spike of fragrant flowers and comes in shades of red, blue, white, cream, orange, pink, lilac and yellow. The hyacinth is also related to the Grape Hyacinth, otherwise known as Muscari.


Hypericum is a genus of the Clusiaceae family and is also widely known as St. Johns Wort. There are 100's of varieties, though they are all known as hypericum. Hypericums properties are widley used in medicine, especially in homeopathy, used for treating depression.


Hippeastrum, (otherwise commonly known as Amaryllis), is a genus of the Amaryllidaceae family and is native to South American regions such as Mexico, Argentina and the Caribbean.

Helleborus (Christmas Rose)

Helleborus, (commonly known as Hellebores), are a genus of the Ranunculaceae family and are native to the Mediterranean and central Europe. The largest concentration of hellebores being in the Balkan regions.


Hibiscus is a genus of the Malvaceae family and is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. There are literally hundreds of varieties of hibiscus.